How to Choose Hats for Your Face Shape

It usually takes experience to purchase a hat that flattering the facial structure. Let us assist you picking a flattering hat based on your face shape, a hat you can add flair and sharpness to your appearance.
1-Determining Your Face Shape

2- Selecting a Hat for Your Face Shape

If you have oval face feel free to wear all kinds of hats! You are blessed with a very versatile look. Pick up whatever suits your mood, as long as the hat is in harmony with your outfit. Women with oval faces can top off any hat. The possibilities are limitless, It only depends on your personal preferences.

Choose hats for a circle face by adding some asymmetry to your look. You can perfectly handle a fedora, a newsboy hat, or a cap. This symmetrical face cries out for a new angle: asymmetry. The roundness requires a slimming treatment. Steer clear of round crowns, which can emphasize the roundness of your face .It is wise to select a hat with a high crown and straight brim to give your face more angles.

If you have oblong face try a hat with a flared brim and low crown, such as a sunhat, a cloche, or a fedora with a large brim. The large brim of a sunhat may well offset the length of a long face. Avoid any hats with tall crowns, which only elongate your face even more. A cloche worn low to your eyebrows can help conceal your high forehead, and, like sorcery, create an impression of the shortened face.

Best hats for a heart-shaped face are the hats with medium brimmed hat, such as a fedora with a medium-sized brim, a boater, a cloche, a homburg, a beanie, or a beret. These are all good choices! These hats balance out the width of your forehead. Slanting the hat to one side will slim your face and draw attention to the eyes. Actually, any type will work well on you except those with large brims. Avoid shapes that accentuate the shape. Stay away from wide brims that only accentuate your forehead and narrow your chin.

Your defined and symmetrical square face requires circular features to soften the edges of the face. Round crown and brim will do the trick, smoothing a boxy face and inducing the illusion of height and roundness. A fedora hat or a cloche, which gives you a feminine and flirty touch. Tilting the hat off to one side breaks up the symmetry pattern of your square face. 

A triangle face is like an oval face shape that the options are virtually endless when it comes to a hat. Make sure your hat brings balance to your shoulder line, and accent to your garment.

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