Justine hats is a millinery label that reflects the fascinating encounter between fashion, art and design. The collections reflect on the eternal debate between these two strong current, with dramatic, finessed pieces.

The hats created at Justine Studio are fully hand crafted, and are based upon the old art of traditional hat making. The studio designs & produces two collections each year – winter & summer. Each collection differs in the materials, design line & concept.

The concept of the designs incorporates values of fun, simplicity, originality & intelligence which all come together into a classic-elegant design that remains fun & cheeky.

Distributed worldwide, the superb craftsmanship that is evident in each hat, creates a sense of the classic and the ageless; each hat seems as everlasting as the idea that gave it life.

Justine hats conducted sustainable (ethical) fashion principles- we use natural sustainable materials, minimize waste and water use during modeling process design and make timeless best quality hats you can wear over again.

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